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est: 'Playing the Game the New Way' is a non-fiction book by Carl Frederick, first published in 1976, by Delacorte Press, New York. The book describes in words the basic message of Werner Erhard's Erhard Seminars Training (est) theatrical experience. Erhard/est sued in federal court in the United States to stop the book from publication, but the suit failed. I want to translate this book available on Kindle

Click here for link to the vimeo video showing what happens in Landmark (though its in French, English subtitle helps in understanding video)

I have also provided the script of the video in English here --> Script

My experience with Landmark Forum started in August 2016. I had recently got a huge bonus and my hand was itching to spend it. One of my colleague casually mentioned about it. Immediately I logged in to website and paid Rs.15,000/- without a second thought. Once I started the course, I realized that this course is not worth the Rs.15,000/- (probably only about Rs.2,000/- or less). Also, I did not like the way marketing was done to bring in more gullible people. So in this website, I will publish my research into Landmark Forum to general public without the extra cost involved - spreading of knowledge should be free -- right?

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Wait till you watch this Video .

Script of Video